IBM i Cloud Hosting (AS/400, iSeries, System i)

IBM i Integrated Environment for Security and Business Resilience

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IBM i Software

 Host your applications in the cloud

IBM i in the Cloud

Utilize the latest enterprise class systems to support IBM i legacy applications

  • IBM i Cloud Hosting
    • Supports and operates your IBM i platform in the cloud
  • Interface through traditional console (green screen)
  • High performance storage
  • On staff expertise with 24×7 live connect
  • Private connections/MPLS (VPN or secure connectivity)
  • Fiber networking
IBM i Raid Subsystems
I wanted to highlight a business partner KeyInfo who’s been a partner with us for 15 years… They provide capabilities on AIX, on System i, on Power Linux and they use our storage…Their claim to fame is I’ll serve the mid-market customer as an MSP and give them five 9s availability.

Tom Rosamilia
Vice President of IBM Systems

IBM iSeries Stability with Leading Technology

Decrease CAPEX while optimizing your current IBM i Infrastructure

Even with the rising use of cloud resources, organizations still choose to keep many of their applications and workloads on-premises – one of the main reasons that many organizations are shifting toward hybrid cloud as an approach to IT.

With a hybrid cloud, you can be more selective about when and how to use cloud resources and traditional on-premises infrastructure. You can choose what functions should stay on-premises and which ones can be delivered through private and public clouds. Highly dynamic applications and workloads can even live in both, resulting in better functionality along with improved flexibility, scalability, and security.

IaaS IBM i Features and Benefits

Add flash storage (beyond SSD) into mix easily
All external storage
Improved redundancy: split backplane / dual VIOS
Provisioned through OpenStack
Scale processors memory to 230,000 CPW per system
Dynamically scale storage
Zero downtime backups
SAN storage for instantaneous scalability
No capacity cap

High Performance Technology for IBM i Applications

Use IBM i’s latest systems to maximize production capabilities without the fixed costs

  • 1 Power8 Core is 1.5x faster than 1 Power7 Core
  • Power8 runs at 9,500 CPW per core which is 15x faster than IBM Power5
  • Spinning disk latency 5 milliseconds, SSD 1.3 milliseconds, flash 0.3 milliseconds
  • Average RAID Subsystem at 16 drives runs 45,000 IOPS; our flash runs 248,000 IOPS
IBM i Infographic
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