KeyCloud Cloud Monitoring as-a-Service

How you look at an environment affects how you manage it

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Cloud Monitoring as-a-Service (CMaaS)

Analyze, shape and communicate the ongoing value that IT provides

KeyCloud Cloud Monitoring as-a-Service features:

  • Quantify the real-time financial impact and effectiveness of business services provided by IT
  • Blend structured and unstructured data from virtually any source to achieve a single view across the IT value chain
  • Minimize the effect of outages and degradations of services, and help ensure that IT resources are allocated based on business priority
  • Take advantage of best practice process and organizational improvements to enable IT to better align with the business
  • Gain new insights into business services that allow for process and cost optimizations
  • Predictively analyze service capacity with regard to business growth to prevent business interruptions

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Why KeyCloud’s CMaaS?

KeyCloud Cloud Monitoring as-a-Service capabilities:

  • Real-time service performance dashboards
  • Manage your critical IT services
  • Integrate existing IT management tools
  • IT outcome visibility
  • Predictive analytics

KeyCloud Cloud Monitoring as-a-Service business value:

  • Identify, trace and resolve problems faster, more efficiently
  • Prioritize efforts based on their impact to the business
  • Communicate the value that technology brings to the business
  • Eliminate overspending and drive down transaction costs
  • Boost IT agility and competitive advantage

 Solutions Highlights

Software as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model means  you can start using your first dashboards on day one, and without adding yet another collection of hardware and software to maintain

Top-down approach begins with outcomes, then models, discovers and maps underlying dependencies from user experiences to environmentals

Self-adjusting baselines enable the solution to adapt to changing environments without requiring constant manual adjustment

Historic, real-time and predictive analytics of virtually any structured or unstructured data format across service stack

Big Data architecture supports organization of any size, offering high availability, redundancy without performance impact

Operational and Predictive Analytics

Leverage analytics to uncover opportunities to optimize service delivery in terms of performance, process efficiency and cost

  • Identify previously unkown techincal causal factors
  • Identify likely points in time that capacity issues may put business growth at risk
  • Enable accurate modeling of capacity requirements to support business growth targets
  • Optimize virtual machine to physical host allocation
  • Analyze cost growth into subsequent business quarters
  • Calculate potential return on prospective investments or process changes to improve business justifications
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